Monday, December 12, 2011

Kids Art Ornament

Maressa, 4 yrs, wanted to make a special gift for a very good friend of hers at school.
They've been bffs since meeting in 3 yr old class last year.
I guided her into making a cute ornament.
I figured that way, her friend can remember her early friendship even when they will part ways.

I was inspired by these adorable ornaments
 (will do the self portrait idea with all the kids for grandparent gifts too).
I had gathered these mini embroidery hoops maybe last year?
So we had all materials on hand...the best kind of DIY.

Maressa was set on making a fairy.  And something sparkly with glitter.
Before we started I had her practice her fairy drawing on a piece of paper.
Then I cut some soft white twill fabric.
Then I traced the inner hoop with a fabric crayon on the fabric and taped it down.
I gave her fabric crayons to draw her picture and color it in.
Then I used a paint brush to brush on fabric glue and let Maressa sprinkle on fabric glitter.
Then I used fabric markers to add the Merry Christmas and the to and from.

It was a simple and quick project and turned out just adorable.
She can't wait to give it to her friend tomorrow.

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