Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY Gifts your kids can make

I rounded up some of my favorite projects we've done over the years that kids can do with a little help.
I love to have my kids help make their teacher gifts and they proudly tell their teachers of their part.
And sometimes my kids want to give their friends a gift.  I don't mind, but we do homemade gifts in those cases.



Personalized tin lunch boxes--fill with art supplies or small toys

 I was thinking this idea could be turned into a cute 'Best Friends' shirt or something else cute and tween girlie.

Young sewers can tackle a pencil case with help.

Or a tote.
Art can be added with fabric markers or use a cute printed fabric.


Could be cute Christmas dessert plates.

Maressa made an adorable ornament to give to her very best friend this afternoon.
Will share on Monday.  :)

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