Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the waffle maker=breakfast changing

I got a waffle maker for Christmas.
It was a requested item I've wanted for some time.
It has been even more life changing than expected.
I made room for it on the counter even.  :)
No more burnt pancakes.
No more gooey pancake centers.
No more hovering over a frying pan with spatula in hand.
No more worrying about kid distractions.
See that little light there on the left?
It tells me all I need to know.
It tells me when it's hot enough for the waffles.
It tells me when they are cooked perfectly.
I can make eggs and bacon,
wipe up spills,
refill milks,
set the table so we can all sit together like civilized people,
check morning email,
or sip on coffee like a lady of leisure
and I all have to do is keep my eye on that little light.
And then I have perfect waffles.
And the smell.
My Papaw made waffles when we visited.
Stacks that went a couple of feet high.
One of my fav memories of my grandparents was the warm kitchen bustling with breakfast fixings and the smell of waffles.
AND they had squeezy butter.  Do they even make that anymore?

The inaugural batch of waffles were our 'birthday' waffles adapted from the birthday pancakes the kids love so much.
(Birthday pancakes/waffles=mini choc chips and big ice cream type sprinkles in the batter.)
And the kids approved!!
On the weekends I make a triple batch and store them in the refrigerator and then toast them on school days.
No more icky 'yellow' frozen waffles.

OK, so all you people who knew this awesomeness called a waffle maker long ago,
share your recipes and tips.
I was so excited and tried to make waffle brownies as I thought I've seen that done before.
I figured it would be no more than make brownie mix and pour it in and cook.
Well, that was a big fat FAIL.
Someone tell me how to do this!  :)

Ok, one more breakfast changing tip I got on Pinterest.
I'm sure you've all seen it.
Oven baked bacon.
Except I broil mine.
And these beautiful center cut pieces come out crispy and flat.
Which apparently my children have become bacon snobs?
They won't eat it fried and wrinkled up anymore.
But that's ok, with as much as a family of 6 bacon loving folks, this is far more efficient.

Oh and don't do like I did above and mark up your cute Target lime green cookie sheet and line it with foil first.


Tahnya Marie said...

That's awesome! I love my waffle maker too!!! I have not seen people cooking bacon in the oven before... how long and at what temperature did you do this for? I always have so much bacon to cook, that I can't stand cooking it and this idea will most definitely help me out!!!

zakkalife said...

I like that your waffle maker has a timer on it. I still have to guess when mine are done but it works. And I'm definitely going to check out baking bacon. Usually I have to cook it in batches and that's getting tiresome.

BTW, Tom Douglas has the most amazing recipe for Wild Rice waffles with smoked salmon and creme fraiche. It's one of our favorite recipes. Perfect for brunch. I'm sure you can find the recipe online.

Deanna said...

Here's a link to all the pinned oven baked bacon:
I personally just set my oven on broil and use the top rack. I'm not sure how long it takes as I just keep my eye on it,checking often and when it looks pretty crispy I take it out. :)

Jessica, thanks for the recipe suggestion. I may have to try it...though it sounds a little beyond my spaghetti and garlic toast cooking skills...lol.

kim said...

We just got a waffle maker last year and LOVE it! (Well, except for the dog who for some reason is totally freaked by the beeping sound and hides in our closet when we pull it out.)

Good pumpkin waffle recipe:


zakkalife said...


Thanks for the link. The recipe I mentioned sounds more complicated than it is, promise. Tom Douglas recipes are never too complicated. Now if this was a recipe by Thomas Keller, there might be cause for concern ;)


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