Monday, February 6, 2012

Woodland party invitation

Planning a Woodland creature party for Maressa's upcoming birthday. 
Brainstorming has been SO fun!
I've got a ton of things pinned, of which I could not possibly do all of.
We are going to play in a 'forrest'.  Decked out in bday decor.
Paint birdhouses and read books about funny squirrels.
Maybe even a cool 'sensory' table. And play scavenger hunt.
For those of you who also don't bat an eyelash to use an insane amount of effort and time to make cute party invitations, I used the above cricut cartidge.
I used it to make the owls and deer.  Then I printed the details on blue cardstock.
Glued it all down on this adorable tree printed paper I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby.

Amongst party prep, I am making fun decorations for a ladies retreat I'm headed to this weekend.
Aren't these old coke bottles so fun now??


Erika said...

i'm always look forward to your parties!You have really good ideas!

zakkalife said...

The coke bottles look so pretty painted. I hope you take pictures of the completed centerpieces and share them with us.


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