Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hey ya’ll

 I'm here!!  :)
I've been meaning to get back here.
But I just kept caught up in daily stuff.
You know like....laundry, feeding people, piano class, baseball practices, washing baseball uniforms every day, 2 bath renovations, getting house ready to list for sale....normal every day stuff.  ;)
While I was not posting, life kept going.
For spring break we had a staycation.
Fun stuff like lots of playdates, smores, pajama fairies, picnics, and some crafts.


Of course baseball season is in full swing.

opening day2
Call us crazy, but we are letting Z play on 2 teams this spring.
He plays at our local park and on a travel team.
He's having a blast!
Micah is the cutest coach pitch baller.
Yes, we are at baseball, most every evening and weekends.
Monday night, Tues night, Thurs night, Sat mornings and every other weekend it's an all day affair.

The girls have become professional spectators.
It helps to have friends along.

We did some egg hunting.
And some egg dying.

And had a few sick days at home in between.

Hopefully be back tomorrow. 
Will share more about this bath renovation business.  :)


denise said...

What do you mean, house on the market? I won't know where to find you. That's not the reason, right?

Deanna said...

Rofl. We'll still be in this one during your visit. The house we want/are thinking about is very close (I promised the kids we would not change schools). We aren't for sure we will move. Just found something that would work better for us in the long run with 4 teens one day. If that one doesn't work out, we won't be going any where...we love our current house. Would be nice to have more than one bath for the kids to all share though!


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