Monday, March 19, 2012

Mommy n Me craft: Little Bear in a Box

Maressa and I made this little Bea the Bear in a box for a friend's birthday.
Maressa drew the bear with fabric markers on a small piece of white cotton.

We added a tiny bed in a box and a tiny blanket and tiny bunting  for decoration.
Bunting is just some washi tape and bakers twine.

This idea was mostly inspired by a drawing she made the day before of all these adorable colorful bears.
Also inspired by this kids art stuffies project and putting bear in a box by this adorable project.
So first I had Maressa draw and color a bear on a piece of fabric.

Now she wanted me to take a picture of her with her

Then I put the drawing face down on another piece of white fabric and sewed around the outline of the bear.  I didn't want this super detailed so I just went widely around the corners and curves.

I left a hole in the bottom and then pulled the bear right side out and stuffed it.
Then I hand sewed up the bottom hole.

Course after the gift was made, everyone wanted a tiny stuffed friend.
Maressa made 2 for her one for big sister.
Micah wanted to draw his own and of course made a dog.
Zachary made himself a lizard.

No boxes for their friends yet.  I may surprise them with one soon.  :)


zakkalife said...

The bear is adorable. I can see why your children wanted one of their own.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the idea. Was looking for a birthday present to make with my little girl & we downloaded the pattern & made the mouse & teddy bear in the altoid box. Simply adorable! (now just need to get her to actually hand it over to her little friend come party time!) you have the greatest ideas!

Erika said...

I miss your posts!:)


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