Thursday, July 26, 2012

Doll and Camping Party

This past weekend we celebrated Kalla’s big 9th birthday with a bash in our backyard.
A giant homemade tent (tutorial to come), lots of yummy food and crafts.

For the table (our picnic table) I covered it in white paper table cloth and pink printed wrapping paper (found at Target on clearance).
White tin votives down the middle of the table.
Tin pie plates from the Dollar Tree in place of paper plates.
Glass jars and straws.
Trinkets at each place setting:  banana, mini colorful flashlight and glow stick bracelets.

The girls all brought their favorite doll (or stuffed animal).
The dolls all enjoyed their own mini bandanas, campfire and roasted marshmallows.
I made the chairs with simple pieces of wood and paint. Will share my how to this week.

Marshmallows on a stick is simply bamboo skewers and folded sheets of copy paper.
We used elastic hair bands to help the dolls hold their sticks.

Food for the party goers per request of bday girl:  chicken tacos, fresh salsa and chips, buttered corn on the cob and fruit kabobs.



Campfire cupcakes.

Crafts:  glitter votive candle holders.

To make we simply poured and coated the inside of mason jars with mod podge, then sprinkled glitter inside.



In the big tent, their were supplies to make bracelets and necklaces. 
The girls made some for themselves and for their dolls. 


Aside from taking home their doll chairs, marshmallows, trinkets and crafts, we set up a trail mix station for party favors.

They all had a really great time.
Even though the rain didn’t hold out for the whole party and the smores got nixed.

To see the invitation go here. :)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your blog!!! This looked like a fun and memorable party. God bless your sweet family.

Deanna said...

Thank you anon! :)

zakkalife said...

You always throw the best parties. Love the homemade tent.

I hope you have a little break now to rest until the next one. :)

Deanna said...

Thanks Jessica!

I have one in September, but it's my oldest and he's turning 11. I swore that they only got the fancy parties with lots of friends through year 10. So I hope I can make myself be good. I'm thinking we will let him have a few friends over for the day and just lots of junk food, video games, a football and some silly string....what else do boys need?? :)

zakkalife said...

Junk food, video games, and silly string - sounds perfect. I think my 9 year old would go for that now if I let him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Deanna - This party was so cute. You are so creative.


Erika said...

I can't believe I just saw this!Great party!You do have the best ideas!Love everything about it...the tent,IN LOVE with it!Congrats !!

TheRoomMom said...

This is so great! I did something similar this past fall (, but I wish I had seen your post before the party. I love the votives. Thanks for sharing. Caitlin

Christina S. said...

I would love to know how you did your tent! My daughter is turning 6 and we can't wait to try your ideas :)

Thank you!

Deanna said...

Christina, the tent tutorial is in this post:

Christina S. said...

Thank you for the link!!!

Christina S. said...

I love your bandana idea for the dolls but am having a hard time finding them. Did you make them or find them?

Deanna said...

I'm pretty sure I just cut store bought bandanas in half and used those.

Christina S. said...

How did you make the cute little fire for the dolls? I put my mom in charge of making it but we can't tell :). Thank you!


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