Monday, August 13, 2012

Thankful and a yummy blueberry dessert

 Birthdays are kinda a big deal in our house.
Everybody gets their special day.

This past weekend we celebrated the biggest guy’s bday.

We did our traditional bday banner.
I print it up and the kids color it and we ‘surprise’ him with it on his special day. 
Along with homemade cards.
I love how creative the kids are with their drawings for him.
We also made him a collage and photo frame of the kids to take to work…more on those later this week. 
He’s not big on gifts, however one of my love languages is gifts, so we always manage to make him something.

Maressa wanted to make him spicy chocolate and this had nothing to do with the fact she wants him to share.  *wink wink*

We cooked a rad meal of his fav things…meat (chicken) and veggies and salad.

And we made this blueberry buckle that is raved about so much on one of my fav blogs.
*Warning, Do NOT take this fresh out of the oven and insert traditional bday candles...they will melt inside the cake, then you have to pick blue wax out of your slice before you eat it. 

Yes, it was awesome.

We are blessed to celebrate with this incredible hubby and father every year and every day in between. 
After all he does the best at silly voices when reading books and of course embellishing the story to make it even more silly to which the girls giggle and say ‘no daddy, that’s not right!’ 
They love it.

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Erika said...

Happy birthday!Lovely post!Love your family traditions!


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