Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I now have a seven year old!

We celebrated Zachary's birthday this past weekend with a bunch of boys and a bunch of legos. More details of the party stuff here.
He requested a pile of rice krispie treats and push pops instead of cake and ice cream (however, on his actual birthday, this past Mon, I made chocolate chocolate cupcakes with a cream filling that we shared with our Monday night bible study). We also had popcorn, veggies n dip, fresh fruit and cheezit snack mix and Lego fruit snacks. I 'glued' the big candle on the top treat with melted chocolate. I decorated the tables with festive yellow paper table cloths and red and yellow balloons and a few Lego creations of Zachary's.
In the center of our deck I poured a huge pile of Legos on our train table and the boys had a blast building there. We saw who could build the tallest tower without falling. Then they made their own creations to take home.

Everyone seemed to have a blast and this was my easiest party yet.

After all the presents were opened we presented Z with our present. We got him a real live leopard gecko. All the boys got a kick out of this baby reptile cutie (yes, even the moms thought he was cute).

Then when all was said and done a bunch of them squeezed into our big sandbox.


ginny said...

Very nice party! I'll bet your lego lover loved it. Do you still have your lego toothpicks? Would you like to sell them? I would be interested in them. We could go through Ebay definitely. My 10 year old is having a lego party in three weeks and he'd love them!

Deanna said...

Thanks! I see they aren't on eBay anymore. I'd be glad to loan you mine for cost of shipping (I have another boy who may want a lego party one day) but you can buy some here:

Hope this helps!

ginny said...

Thank you so much for the link. I searched high & low online and couldn't find them. And thanks so much for your offer to let me borrow them! That is so nice. I went ahead and ordered some. My son will be so excited!


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