Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweet- tees

First up for Cupcake Week is a sweet cupcake applique tee.   I made this of course for Maressa to wear for her party and Valentines Day and such.  Next week I hope to make the matching skirt and finally do my bubble skirt tutorial.

To make your own cupcake tee like this one first print this page.  I used the cupcake from it to make my cupcake pattern.  Then turn the page over and used a sharpie or marker to trace the different parts.  I also added a cherry for the top.  Now take your wonder under lite and use a pen or pencil to trace each section.  I made the top of the cupcake in layers.  The blue under layer I traced it down farther than the cupcake wrapper part so I could layer the green fabric over it.  So I made 4 separate tracings of each part.

Then I ironed the green slightly over the blue matching the top edges.  Then the dots on top and finally the cherry.  I topstitched it all down then embroidered the cherry stem with a knot at the top of it.  Here I talk about some resources for embroidery stitches if you don't know how.

While I had the wonder under out I made Kalla a heart tee.  I was planning on doing the same as last year's, but decided to make it a little different.  I used this very sweet candy printed fabric I had leftover from Kalla's '6' shirt for the smaller heart.  For the hearts I just drew them.  If you are looking for a pattern to use I mention some here.  :)  Then I just embroidered the 'Sweetie' on top.  First I wrote the word with water soluble marker then used a backstitch to embroider the letters.

Come back tomorrow for the next cupcake craft!  And a SWEET giveaway coming up soon!  :)


Anne said...

Very cute!! I posted a link to your project on Craft Gossip Sewing:


Dena said...

These are so cute. Nice job!


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