Monday, September 27, 2010

Aim and Shoot Nerf Party

This past Saturday we had Zachary's birthday bash.  It was supposed to be at our local park, just like last year, and was rained out, just like last year.

Z man had a nerf gun based party.  So of course the colors were nerf colors of yellow and orange.  I did the birthday boy's fav cupcake, chocolate on chocolate.

The space we used is our church building fellowship hall and gym.  Because of last year's rain out and that I got luck that the gym was empty last minute, this year I reserved it ahead of time for just in case.

Food was simple.  Z requested hotdogs.  I added some fresh veggies, fruit, salsa and chips and cheese balls (Target had this ginormous container of them.)

I made each boy a nerf dart pouch belt (tutorial here) and had youth sized safety glasses for them as well.

Favors were these yellow water bottles from Target and I wrote their names with an orange Sharpie.

And a small bag of candy.

Z is a little embarrassed with the loud birthday song singing.

These were our invitations.  I used scrap book and card stock papers from Hobby Lobby.  I used a shorp pencil to stab holes in the nines from the back to look like they were shot.

Everyone seemed to have a blast.

I got a lot of 5 used guns off eBay to have extras on hand in case someone didn't have one to bring.  And I bought a bunch of used darts off eBay as well.  I stuffed each pouch with 10 and let them take them home too.

I did try to have some organized games.  I made targets out of cereal boxes and we did a relay race with them, but the boys got impatient and frustrated with it and just wanted to go back to running amuck shooting each other.  I never even bothered to set up the little coke cans that I saved to shoot.  And there was football playing too.  It was a yucky rainy day and the boys all came bursting with energy!!  

Oh and some dads even donned the belts and glasses and ran around playing with them.  I don't think the male species ever grows out of this type of play.  ;)  
I just love having boys!  There is never a dull moment!


djjdjdjdjd said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Sorry that the party got rained out:( That has happened with us 2 years in a row with E.

Unknown said...

oh gosh! this is awesome!!!i am afraid to show my seven year old boy this for fear that he will study it and then hold me to EVERY DETAIL for his next birthday!
the camo pouches! the nerf colors! sheesh so perfect! so little boy! love it!

boydnlisa said...

where did you find the safety glasses? Looks like the party was a success.

Deanna said...

Thanks for your question. If you click on the 'youth sized safety glasses' text in my post it will take you straight to where I got them. :)

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Very helpful, thanks. Planning a 10 yr old party for Dec 4th, he went from "cake and ice cream" to Theme Party Desired. Fun time !

Jami said...

Great party! I'll be using lots of your AWESOME ideas for my son's party in January! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Morgan Anne said...

I am hosting a nerf gun party in a few weeks and i love your blog!!! Very helpful!!! Question....... where did you find the youth safety glasses?

Deanna said...

Thanks for your comment, Morgan Anne.
If you hover above the words 'youth sized safety glasses' in the post you'll find it is a link to where I got them. :) I need to make my links a bit more darker or lighter than my text so people can see them. :)


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