Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baseball Ticket Birthday Invitations

Working on our final birthday party of the year. 
My boy is going to be 10.  Ten.  TEN.
Dou-ble di-gits!!
Yikes!  When did that happen??

Big surprise that it's baseball themed and all.
This is the first time I'm renting out a place for a birthday party.
The last two years it was planned for a party in the park (football and nerf).
Both times it rained. 

I thought it would be fun to make the invitations to look like tickets.
I used a recent photo of Zachary doing his very fav thing, pitching.
Then used a bunch of boxes filled in with color to break parts up.
Then we easily found a sku bar in google images to use for the bottom.
Simply done in Microsoft publisher.

And approved by the boy.


zakkalife said...

Your invitations look great!

Chantelle @ Mommyx3=Insanity said...

They look great!! I have followed your blog for about 2 1/2 months now and just realized when looking at the invite you live about 45 min from me! (wow that sounds really stalkerish...ummmmm sorry)
Anyway I just think its great that someone who's mad crafting skills I admire isn't in some far away state, but is right here in N.Al. with me. Okay I better stop before I really do sound like a Keep up the great posts and creativity you inspire me!! I even have your blog listed as one of my top five fav on my own blog and have for a while now. So THANKS!

Deanna said...

Thank you Chantelle for you sweet comment! Where do you live? I'm in South Hsv.

Mel said...

do you happen to have the template still? I'd love to use this for my son's first bday.

Deanna said...

Mel, I might have this in microsoft publishing, but it would be on my other computer that has a virus so that I'm not able to connect to internet to email it.


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