Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sparkly Christmas Card holder

I know I've posted many different ways to hang and display all those
Christmas cards you get over the holidays.
But this one I love best and I believe will be a keeper!
You may recognize this frame I picked up at a thrift store and made into a bulletin board.
I don't remember why I took that down and changed my mind.
But this worked out perfectly.
This was a quick and easy project.
I took a really large empty frame and simply used a staple gun to attach wired
star garland across the back.

Being that it's not Dec yet, I haven't received any cards yet (need to get working on my own!) so I used these vintage postcards from Anthro for display.
To attach them I used small clothespins with craft buttons glued on top.

To see other ways to display your holiday cards see here and here.


zakkalife said...

Love this idea! I usually just tape the cards to our entry closet door. If our house was bigger, I think I would do something like this but we're really tight on space.

joybird said...

Just popped in to get the recipe for those red velvet brownies--they were amazing! You throw the best parties, Deanna! Thanks.


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