Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Last Weekend Happenings

This weekend was Zachary's birthday. The day was nice. I made his requested breakfast (cinnamon rolls--special treat). Then we opened presents and then played outside. After naps we went to the mall for his Build a Bear party. He invited 6 of his 'best buddies' and we met in the foodcourt for pizza and cookie cake. Then we went over and they built their 'bears.'
Zachary had a blast. He picked a monkey and named him Snickelfritz. Here he is watching it be stuffed.

Here we are picking out an outfit for his monkey and Kalla's kitty. And in rare form I am in the picture...a friend of mine took over camera duties. Maressa is in her usual place...the sling.Here is Snickelfritz and Olivia kitty dressed in their jammies and ready to go.
Here we are ready to go...they are singing Happy Birthday to the very tired birthday boy.

And here is Micah entertaining himself while I am checking out. lol
Everyone had a blast!!

Other things we did on Saturday. We went outside to play and while the boys were playing with Z's new tee ball set, Kalla asked me to play with her. I had just read about fairy houses on this blog and knew just what we could do.

So here is our version of one. Some logs, stone front 'patio', birds nest bed, rosemary carpet and flowers for color. :)

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