Thursday, October 18, 2007

Move over Little Einsteins

Super Why Characters
You've been replaced by the Super Readers!

My kids have a new favorite show and characters to pretend play. There is a new super cute show on PBS called Super Why! The kids are totally into it. Kalla wants to be Princess Presto for Halloween and Zachary Super Why....don't really want to put green tights on my 6 yr old boy...thinking a green sweatsuit and blue cape will

This is perfect since Zachary is starting to read. :) And well, Kalla is a self proclaimed princess for life. Now to find (probably not get around to making this year) a pink princess dress.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of a costume, go to and check for "Costume", "Super" or my profile "Gamekirby" and you might find a "Super Why" costume I drew myself as a blueprint for your little boy.


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