Monday, March 17, 2008

Some sewing

Just some gifts for a house warming. I made some things for a single mom and her daughter.
I made matching aprons for them (child sized in the picture) and matching pot holder and embellished towel, all folded neatly into a glass cookie jar. One day I promise myself I'll make my own cutsie apron. Maybe after that tote bag I've started for myself a year or so ago. ;)

Also for the young girl I made a pillow case, matching throw pillow with initial and a coordinating button frame.
And placed them all in this. I always wondered what I'd do with all these sheet casings that I always though could be used for something. :)
It was really refreshing to do some house stuff as I've been bogged down with baby gifts for some time now.
Speaking of, here was my latest baby gift. Made a hoodie towel and wash mitt to go in this bath themed gift.

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