Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Three and 1/2 years

Little over 3 and a half years ago I started sewing little girl's clothing. This picture has all the handmade clothes I made for the girls in that time. Plus COUNTLESS items I sold custom on ebay and others and gifts. Started with a tdress for K when she was a baby. My sewing adventure all started when I saw some darling purses homemade with unique fabrics and trim. The lady was selling them for $50-$60. I was determined to figure out how to make one for myself. About 5 experimentations later, I had a decent diaper bag. Little tweaking and I started actually selling my own. I started an interest in clothing for my oldest daughter K. I had a girlfriend who knew a little about sewing and she briefly described to me the technique for gathering and making tshirt dresses. I successfully made one for K and then started selling those! lol I then moved on to patterns and quickly altering patterns and making my own stuff up.
Here's the very first pattern dress I made...a simple red flannel jumper dress for K.
This is my very first design I sold on eBay. At that time over the top was what sold on eBay boutique so I made a patchwork halloween jumper dress and pants with huge ruffles. Kalla could hardly walk so I took this pic and some of her holding daddy's hand walking through the yard. lol
This was my most successful design. I only made one to keep and one custom, but it was the highest dollar my sets ever made for this scottie dog swing top, velvet pants and headband. The pic is terribly washed out as on my old monitor everything was really dark and I didn't know it at the time, so I lightened everything up too much!

Then when Micah was born I made some boys appliqued overalls. The pumpkin ones sold were another very successful auction. I sold several of them and a few of these monkey ones.

I made more overalls the next year too....Little Slugger and Lil Cowpoke ones.

I don't know how I found the time to make all those clothes. This is what I counted in the first picture of clothes I made:

26 dresses

11 tshirt dresses

13 pants sets (I made the full and pants)

2 rompers

7 skirt sets

8 embellished overalls

3 jackets

9 embellished jeans

15 embellished tees

15 pants

8 skirts

3 tops

And I probably made at least a third more of that that wasn't kept or sold. Now that I've quit eBay though, I still sew a bunch and have a dozen or so half done outfits/set for the girls in my sewing room. But now that I'm only sewing for them it feels as though I've got lots more time than a couple years back when I was up many nights finishing customs. :)

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Punky N Munky said...

wow! What a trip down memory lane looking at those pictures! I remember when you first started. You and Tanya were the ones to get me started in sewing!!!


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