Friday, April 25, 2008

Top Secret Recipes

My hubby has taken up coffee drinking lately and I like coffee....but only the sweet sweet kind. You know the fru fru coffees you order through drive thru or meet friends for on a Friday night after the kids are in bed kind. But now that a coffee maker has found home on our counter I decided to try to make some of my own fru fru coffees at home. So I yesterday I experimented and tried to make an iced fru fru coffee for a mid afternoon perk up I needed so desperately to keep me from napping on the couch. Well, I realized quickly there was more to it than regular coffee and vanilla creamer over ice. lol So I googled for some recipes and stumbled across this really cool recipe site. Top Secret Recipes. Not only do they have a recipe for Starbucks bottled frapps, but so many other cool things. I plan to try the KFC coleslaw, Mrs Fields Choc Chip cookies, 7 Eleven Cherry Slurpee for this summer and more. So I tried the frappuccino this morning. And YUM! I even did the 'fake expresso' version.

Speaking of great recipes I've been experimenting with the muffins again. This time made banana. I changed up the base recipe with substituting the 2 eggs for 3 egg whites instead and for the banana I still added nutmeg, no cinnamon, and 3 mashed bananas for the apples. Fantastic. Light and fluffy banana muffins. The kids can't wait to have them after nap for snack. Next time I'm at the store I'm going to grab crushed pineapple as I've been dying to try pineapple muffins.

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Unknown said...

wow!! i really looooove cherry slurpees, so i'm going to have to try that one out! Thanks for the tip! :)


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