Monday, July 28, 2008

THE party

We had Kalla's birthday party this past weekend. Everyone had a really good time.

We hired a lady clown to make balloon animals and paint faces (or arms in this case). Here's Kalla with her big butterfly balloon.

The lady painted wonderful glittery pictures on the kids arms and hands.
They were very proud to show them all off!

Here's the decorations. Pretty simple.
Though I couldn't bear to put pizza boxes on the table so I put the pizza on large plastic trays.
I made the flower balloon decorations from Martha Stewart...a surprisingly easy project.
And a banner from her site as well.
Party favors were the glitter playdough (pink for the girls and bright orange for the boys) and cookie cutters and small bag of candy.
....And I'm still recovering! lol

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The Woodalls said...

Give Kalla a big "happy birthday" from us. We hate we missed the fun! (Mickey actually kept us from three birthday parties on Saturday! That would have been more exhausting than the Magic Kingdom!!)



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