Friday, October 31, 2008

Last recital and eating spiders

I finally figured out how to get around bloggers problems. I adjusted the HTML myself to make the pictures fit (I have a tiny bit of knowledge of HTML back from my eBay selling days where I used templates to match my outfit).

So here's some back posting.....

Zachary (7) had his last piano recital this past Saturday for his early childhood music piano class...he graduates next month, and then on to private lessons. He's been in this particular program since he was 18 months old.

Here he is introducing himself before his solo. They had recital at a pavilion by the river here and it was gorgeous.

Here's Miss Mouse by the river...token picture of the baby of course!

We made those spiders a few days mentioned here. I changed mine to dipping the whole cracker into chocolate since they were after all our dessert after dinner. And I used marshmallows for the eyes. They were a big hit...though we didn't put enough legs on (that was kinda a pain/mess after dipping them). :)

And here is a yummy harvest trail mix I made for the kids to take on a Cub Scout field trip Zachary went on (of which is after school, meaning I have to drag all 4 kids to). Pretzels, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, raisins, craisins, candy corn and original goldfish.

So I think I'm caught up now. I've been crafting during my blogging outage. And it's not involved one bit of sewing. Painting actually and it's been very therapeutic. Will share soon! For now off to make cupcakes for party at church tonight!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Daniele Shedd said...

I probly could not keep a dry eye seeing my little man up there so grown.

Deanna said...

No time for crying when you are trying to keep 3 others quiet and out of your way so you can take pictures! lol ;) The graduation banquet next month will be more emotional. You should see the giant trophy he gets...and he's earned every bit of it!

~T~ said...

Awesome! My daughter did piano for the 3 years we were in Ohio - still trying to find a teacher here in England.
The spiders are cute! My kids would love those.


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