Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some decking the halls

I have been decorating for the past week. Still not done with some of the little things. But thought I'd share some nice/cute/fun/whimsical crafts for holiday decor in your home. Most I won't get to, but reserving for future Christmases!

I did get to do these felt trees I fell in love with. I did these in green with tiny silver beads sewn on. I plan to do one more with sewn on felt ornaments with everyone's initials for another spot that needs some safe kid friendly decor.

Here's some of my other favorites:
*paper wreath
*BH&G decorating with ribbons (lots of ideas in the slideshow)
*cookie cutter wreath (how cute would this be in the kitchen?)
*paper lacy snowflake
*snowy pinecone center piece
*wool trees

And some fun ornaments to make:
*no sew dolls
*monogram glass ornaments
*paper ornament

I am finishing up some stocking made with goodwill sweaters and some scrap book paper crafts/decor as well. Will post them soon!

1 comment:

Blair said...

Beautiful tomorrowland trees! So happy you made some!


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