Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm addicted to chicken salad...mmmmm

This is THE best chicken salad. I've been craving it every day and made several big batches over the last month. The basic recipe is from a friend of mine. I substituted almond slivers for walnuts or pecans as I can't stand them. But I do love a good crunch. So here it is:

cooked chicken breast (I boil mine)
Miracle Whip
cayenne pepper (opt)
almond slivers (or chopped pecans or walnuts)

Cut up the chicken into bite sized pieces. Mix in miracle whip a little at a time til the chicken in lightly coated. Sprinkle on pepper lightly and mix. Cut up celery into small pieces and cut grapes into quarter pieces, mix in. Use the quantities as you prefer. I usually cook 3 chicken breasts, use one stalk of celery, BUNCHES of grapes (I like to have a piece in every bite) and a palm full of almond slivers. I love mine just on whole grain crackers for every day lunches, but when I have company, I usually serve it on a croissant. My mouth is already watering and I've got several hours before lunch! :)

Working on today....
finishing up those pesky curtains
figured out how I'm using those frames
finishing Maressa's invitations (which I have to redo a few as Miss Marker got ahold of them....where is she getting these markers??????)
thinking about painting her room pink so we can move in Kalla
finish up some odds n ends sewing
few Valentines crafts


Peggy said...

Almonds! Great idea! Oh, I did find those frames, all they had at my Target were the natural ones, which were the ones I wanted anyways. You are right, the packaging was deceptive, I would have had no idea about the ribbons and the separate-ness had you not mentioned it. And I probably would not have bought it otherwise. I'm thinking about making a cool "L" initial for my daughter to frame and hang somewhere in her room or her locker. That leaves two more. . .! Hmmm, maybe I'll stick one of my leftover project hearts in there and then just change out for the seasons/holidays. I found all kinds of leftovers/unfinished project bits the other day. Get them out of the boxes and on the walls, right?

Lisa notes... said...

I followed your link from my blog to yours--wow--you've got some great info here. You could publish a book or magazine or something. I'll know where to come for ideas now.

And the chicken salad sounds yummy!

~T~ said...

You had me interested until you said Mirical Whip - I don't do mayo period! haha
Glad you are enjoying it though!

carrie said...

You're cracking me up about those markers. My niece did the same thing to my brother's chair. Thank goodness it is micro fiber and came out with a baby wipe. Awesome! Although, he through out every last marker and didn't allow them in his house for at least 6 months. Poor girl!


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