Friday, January 16, 2009

Some frames from Target dollar section

I found these frames while checking out the dollar section of Target. Everything in that section is either $1 or $2.50. These were the latter. Regardless, I thought was a great deal! I instantly thought of an idea. I bought 4 sets, thinking this was one frame with 3 openings for pictures. I thought I'd print a baby/toddler and a current pic of each kid with a picture of their artwork in the middle and hang in our playroom.
Well once I spent a good part of the the day looking through old pic files on the computer and printing pictures I opened the packaging I found it wasn't one piece but 3 separate frames with a ribbon to hang. I still like them, but not sure how to approach hanging 12 in a collage on the wall. I thought about just not using the ribbon part, but there isn't a good way to hang them with out it as on the back it is all flush. So I'll be working on figuring it out today.
Oh and if you like the frames, they come in white and natural as well. I'm thinking they could be cute to frame pretty paper letters and hang together in a child's room of their name or something playful.

Another project I'm working on.
I have to finish one more set of these curtains for the other set of large windows in this room that is to the left. Not sure what I'll do with the skinny windows to each side of the fireplace. Thinking of just leaving them plain...well eventually some nice faux wood blinds on all of them.


Peggy said...

I was wondering what the dollar spot was going to get - they had a "coming soon" empty area last week. I LOVE the dollar spot and think I'm going to get some frames for me, too. Frames can be so pricey, these sound like the deal. You could add those little metal picture hanging strips to the back - they have tiny nails and a sawtooth edge to help hang straight. Or you could attach those adhesive ones with the eyelet hole. Though the ribbons are a nice and even $ touch. You could add little doo-dads (bows, stickers, etc.) on the frame where they attach?

Brenda said...

Deanna- I had those very same frames in my hands the last time I was at Target and decided to put them back. While I was holding them, my brain was going through all the possibilities. :-) I was like you and initially thought they were all one piece with three openings- but then realized they were separate. Now I am thinking of going back and getting them and maybe a set in the white for the bathroom... I'm not sure what to put in them, but they really are cute. I like your idea. I also love the curtains! You are so creative!!

YayaOrchid said...

If you have a Dollar Tree in your area, they always have such nice frames for a $. Your idea for the picture with the artwork in the middle is so clever!

Katie said...

I think a set of twelve hung together will make a great impact and look really cool. It sounds like a great idea to get a lot of pictures up in a small area.

I love that look, and wanted to do it but I don't have a huge empty wall to do it on like a lot of the versions I've seen it done on.

Now I wish I'd gotten some of those frames when I saw them in the dollar spot. Can see you're a Target girl, a girl after my own ♥

kiddomerriweather said...

I bought all the frames they had at the Target near my house. Now I wish that I had hit the surrounding Targets the same day. I use my frames to display embroidery.


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