Friday, February 27, 2009

I love when Target reads my mind!

I found these goodies the other day at the Target dollar section. Candy and ice cream shaped lip glosses, little candy printed zipper boxes and ice cream bangle bracelets. Perfect for K's Six is Sweet party this summer! I didn't want to give a bunch of candy as favors, so these fit the bill! This is the advantage of planning way in advance! Now if they will just get a bunch of dog type stuff! :)

They've also got cute farm stuff, Hello Kitty and Batman right now. I also picked up a bunch of blue squishy balls for M's dog and blue party.


Katie said...

Oh cool, I love the little container! They must have just put that stuff out, I was there two days ago and didn't see any of that! Love the idea of buying now and saving for party favors and I'm sure the moms will appreciate this stuff rather than candy.

Kari Sweeten said...

I love Target's dollar spot! I bought a few "grow your own shamrock" pots for the kids. They always have cute stuff!

Peggy said...

You've got a great Target! It always seems to get the goods first. Thanks for the head's up.

Keri said...

Target is definitely my downfall. There's so much stuff at Target that I never knew I needed until I get there. Cute stuff you found!


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