Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Before I got sick last week, I'd started some serious spring cleaning/organizing! I've been working hard on the girl's room and moving all of K's stuff into M's room and sharing a closet and space. The 'girly' toys are stored not in the playroom like the rest of the toys. I like (and K I'm sure is relieved that they aren't) to keep them separate out of boy's destruction. So it's been some work to figure out how to get them all organized, easily found and cleaned up in one room. I found these great wire baskets at Home Depot in the closet organization aisle the other day. They are nice and deep and hold lots of stuff and slide easily under the bunk beds (and look nice too).
What do they hold you ask?? Why all of Ponyville and some LPS of course! One basket holds the Ponyville rug and all their houses, the other all the ponies, pets and accessories. I got the smaller baskets I think at Big Lots a year ago or so, and all the teeny tiny pieces goes in a plastic sealed up box.
The rest of her stuff are in these great bins with snap lids and handle in her closet. BAB clothes, Polly Pocket, tiny princesses, few Strawberry Shortcake. I feel the secret to having things well organized for kids is that they can see them from the outside. So everything isn't hidden and actually played with. These are also very easy to tote to other rooms, play then clean up. Got these babies at Target.

In the sewing room, I added these cubbies found at Target on sale $12 off! It holds all my lovely Target dollar finds, party favor collections and gifty stuff.
I tackled the laundry room/closet with these cheap (again see through AND labeled) shoe boxes, 5 for $5 at Kroger.
And I cleaned out our shoe/coat closet. It's a nice sized closet and I have a shelf for kids shoes on one side, the other side (not pictured) with hooks to put their school bags and jackets on that they can reach. In the middle on the floor under all the 'big people' coats is a plastic crate with miscellaneous empty bags we use for various things.

I also cleaned out my closet and came out with a whole laundry basket of clothes to donate. I can finish up that skirt tutorial I wanted to do. So I'm off to my sewing room, open up the door and let fresh air in and crank up the radio and do some serious sewing (the kids are sleeping/having quiet time!) for an hour!

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Krista said...

Wow! Good for you! It looks great!

I'm in the same mode, but unfortunately party planning is deterring me from my goal.

NEXT WEEK! I'll do it!

Thanks for the inspiration!


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