Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keep yummy frappuccino mix in your fridge for...

those mid-afternoon sludge pick me ups! :) I for one can get so sleepy in the afternoons. I found the recipe in this post last year (I'm not sure if it's still there or not...actually I just looked and it's now gone to a recipe you have to buy. When I first found it, it was a free one.) But I tweaked it to make a super fast easy mix that will last me a few days. So here is my version:

I only have a regular coffeemaker so I make a 'fake' espresso...or really strong coffee. I put 2/3 C ground coffee into the coffee filter. Then 2 C of water in the coffeemaker and brew. Then take the brewed coffee and pour it into the place where the water goes into your coffeemaker and brew it again over the ground coffee. Now I pour that double brewed coffee into my quart rubbermaid container. Finished it is usually about 8oz. I then pour vanilla flavored coffeemate (the cold refrigerated kind) into that til it reaches 12 oz (so I use 4 oz). Then I fill the rest of the container with low fat milk. This makes about 4 glasses. I like to have a glass for my mid day snack with some yummy raw cashews. :) Oh and if for some reason it's too strong for your taste, just add extra milk in your glass.

And similarily, here is Top Secret Recipes version of McD's Vanilla Iced Coffee. Enjoy!

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Rosa said...

Awesome idea to keep a big container of this on hand!

Have you ever tried cold brewing coffee? It makes fabulous cold coffee and STRONG.


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