Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some of my favorite things: Book edition

Now we have your usual stash of picture books and story books, but here are some different type books that are current favs in our house. First off, Zachary, 7.5 years old is a very good reader. Last year we went through all the Magic Treehouse books, but he's lost interest in in fiction books. He mostly reads his Highlights, Clubhouse Jr and scout magazines. So the other day we were at story time at Barnes & Noble and this book caught my eye. He LOVES it! He craves information and constantly curious about many things. So this has been perfect reading.

The middle 2 are beginner readers (yes you read that right, my 3 year old, almost 4 is reading) and they love this series. You can find these Little Books at They are the same series that my hubby used to learn to read with.

Here is his vintage stash. They however are all yellowed and falling apart. The kids had such a fondness for them, we bought them their own, more sturdy set. They are a phonics reading set with cute and silly stories with black and white cartoon characters.

And we love making up our own stories. We can't get enough of the Bare Books products. Zachary made up a story about 2 snakes in their comic book form and also did a baseball story of him and his dad for Father's Day.

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