Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My furniture finds...the joy of thrifting

A month back I went thrifting looking specifically for furniture. I needed storage in my dining room in a bad way. I was so happy to find this really large dresser for only $50 in really good condition at Salvation Army. PERFECT for my dining room. It holds all my candles, table cloths, napkins and placemats, some seasonal stuff and party type stuff. And it has a nice surface on top that can be used as a buffet. As for the decoratey type stuff, I found the star on clearance at Hobby Lobby, the grass thingy at Target and 'shopped' the other parts of the house for the rest. I may one day paint it, but I like it as it is for now. :)

This little side table I got for $8 at a junky thrift store. Remember these tables from the 60's/70's? This one is turned on it's side and painted bright red. I love how contemporary the lines were and the height it gives beside the chair for a nice nickel finished desk lamp (from Target).

And speaking of Target. This little bistro was on the clearance aisle and I got the 3 pieces for nearly nothing. Perfect little something for the empty corner of my living room and matches the curtains! ;)


kim said...

Great finds! My parents had bedside tables like your red table :)

I don't usually have much luck--things either cost more than I think they are worth considering the work that goes into them, or I buy them, get frustrated by the work and take months to finish them (which is what is going on with my two latest finds at the moment, and they were both small!)

Melinda said...

I love finding great furniture while thrifting! I am currently on the look out for a large dresser which I can convert into a kitchen island!
I absolutely love the 3rd pic! Just precious!!

Julie said...

Love, Love the red side table. Super cute. I am thinking I need to go thrifting soon to see what I can find!

Crystal Corona said...

I LOVE Those tables. My parents have one too. I think my dad made it in a shop class. I also think that your new dresser/buffet is beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

I´ve been looking for those chairs...love the color!

Anonymous said...

I mean the little bistro set :)


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