Thursday, October 22, 2009

Easy & Quick Bruschetta

Here's my fav way to make a quick bruschetta that I enjoy for snack/appetizer or part of lunch. I like tomatoes, but only in a marinade or something, never plain and not so much just sliced onto a sandwich. We had a few leftover tomatoes laying around so I made some bruschetta.

Here's how I make a quick-use-what-you-have-on-hand bruschetta:

Dice some tomatoes and put in a bowl.
Add some olive oil, but just enough to toss
Sprinkle on some crushed basil leaves and minced garlic (I use dried stuff if that's all I have, but it certainly would be better with fresh basil and garlic).
Slice some bread (sweet italian is my favorite) and toast lightly.
Pile on your tomato mix.
Sprinkle grated parmesan cheese on top.

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Us Simple Girls said...

Oh, yeah... that looks delicious! I've been wanting an easy recipe for this. Thanks!



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