Friday, December 11, 2009

Crafty Christmas Coloring Books~Kindergarten party favors

Kalla and I made these holiday coloring books to give to her friends at school at their Christmas party today. We found free coloring pages online to print. Then we painted trees on felt and sewed them up to make a cut little crafty crayon pocket (tutorial at the end of the post). Tied them all up in red yarn.

We found Nutcracker coloring pages and Charlie Brown Christmas coloring pages online. I copy and pasted into a publisher program to make them the size of half a sheet of paper then cut them out. I also included the story of the Nutcracker in the front of that coloring book.

Then I took holiday cardstock paper to make the book. I cut out 2 sheets to the size of the coloring pages. Then a small strip to fold over the top and stapled them all together to bind the pad.

I got small 8 count crayon boxes to put in the pouches.

Here's how we made the felt crayon pouches:
I used a piece of corrugated cardboard to make a stamp. First draw a simple outline like a tree making sure the corrugated middle will be horizontal under your drawing.

Use a sharp blade to cut around the outline of the tree being careful to just cut through top layers of cardboard leaving the very back intact. Now peel off all but bottom layer around tree.

This is what you should have so far. Now carefully peel just the very top layer off tree to reveal the corrugated section.

For ease of having Kalla stamping, I bent the back and taped to make a 'handle.

Now you have a simple stamp.

We used acrylic craft paint. Use a sponge brush or blotter to put paint on the corrugated lines only.

Press down gently and all over the inside of stamp.

Now make your printed felt sheet with stamp and paint. Then let dry thoroughly.

I didn't take photos of sewing the pouch, but it is simply one sheet of craft felt cut in half lengthwise. Fold bottom up leaving about 1 1/2" overlap at top. Sew along sides then trim with pinking shears. Hand sew a small button at top of front of pouch. Fold flap over and cut a small slit in felt over button for a buttonhole. Now put your crayons in and button it up! :)

You of course could cutomize these books to any theme and they would make great birthday party favors!


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