Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twelve Dancing Princess Wood Dolls ~ well actually only 10 at this time

For Christmas I wanted to make Kalla some wooden dolls.  Specifically 12 Dancing of her favorite stories.  I had a whole playset planned.  Well in the time crunch I only got 10 dolls done (that's all I had and had to order more) and a storing box.

I got the blank dolls on etsy and the wooden lunch box from Hobby Lobby.  The box I used acrylic paints on and mod podge for the printed papers.  Then a sparkly 'k' sticker.  Once all done and dry (this of course was all done in layers) I covered the handles with plastic and sprayed the whole outside with clear acrylic spray.

The inside I used a couple of pieces of felt to line the box.  To do this, take some measurements down, one side across the middle and up the other side for both ways.  Cut a rectangle to match measurements then cut a square out of each corner the same width of the side going down (does that make sense??).  It may be a tad too tall when fitted, but just trim away the extra.  Then smooth glue on the bottom of the box and lay your felt in.  Once placed properly, carefully put glue along sides and press the felt sides to box.

This particular box fits exactly 10 in one layer.  There is plenty of empty space so they do juggle around.  If that bothers you, consider making a squishy pad to place in each side of the box to hold them snuggly.  :)

About the dolls.  I used acrylic paint on them.  I first painted their bodies/dresses and let dry.

Then I did their hair and then faces.  If you don't feel confident to paint your own, it really is simple and easy.  First draw some circles on paper and practice on there to get the feel of how you want them to look.  This is how I start their hair.  I draw the outlines, then fill in.  For faces, the simpler the better.  I used the wood end of the paint brush for the eyes.  Just gently dip it in black paint and carefully dab the eyes on with one tiny dot.  Wide spaced eyes tend to look best.  Then a simple red smile on mine.  Once your dolls are painted and dry you will want to spray then with clear acrylic to get that nice shiny look.

I also made little tulle 'dancing dresses' for mine (well most of them).  For these simple ones I simply cut a rectangle double the length of the body of the doll and about an inch longer than the diameter of the bottom of the doll.  I scalloped the edge by folding the tulle in half and accordion folded it and held firm while I cut a small curve along bottom.  Then I took ribbon and pulled it through the top up by the fold and tied it on the doll.  I also experimented a tiny bit with accessories and made a simple necklace with small beads and elastic string.

I have a blank one of these houses in my craft room that I will get out one day for Kalla and I to decorate and maybe it can be her princesses new house.  :)  Or maybe we'll get more and make a whole princess neighborhood!  ;)  Sounds like a great rainy day (or snow, super FREEZING COLD weekend!!) project to me!  Though I just received our doll clothes patterns in the mail and I promised we'd sew some jammies for her new AG doll this weekend.  Always the project list going!


LouLou said...

I have that same little house....been working on it here and there...So far it is pink with an aqua roof... I have all kinds of little furniture to make for it... I can't wait to finish!

Anna said...

I LOVE YOUR i am nominating you for a lemonade stand award!

The Lemonade Stand Award is awarded for being a blogger who shows great attitude and gratitude.

here are the details! Thanks for inspiring me and so many others!

Nicole said...

I just found your blog and LOVE your ideas and crafts. You are awesome.

charlotte said...

I would like to know where you got those little wooden dolls. My daughter and neices would love them!

Deanna said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comments! :)

Charlotte~you can find the dolls on This seller
has the most wonderful supply of all things lovely in unfinished wood. I plan to get some of their trees real soon!

charlotte said...

Thank you Deanna. They have some very cute things.

Megan said...

I have to ask, where did you buy the unfinished house? This is such a cute idea. My 7 yr old daughter has a broken leg and I'm always looking for crafts to keep her busy.

Deanna said...

You can find those little houses at Michael's. It is actually a CD rack shaped like a house.

Bouquet said...

I have been looking for these dolls forEVER, where on earth did you order them? they are so sweet!

Deanna said...

Hi Annie, I got them on If you look a few comments above, I gave a web address to a seller that sells them. :)


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