Monday, February 22, 2010


Hello, I am alive.  :)  Just swamped and caught up in everyday life that I'm not getting around to doing much that is blog worthy lately.  Laundry isn't that exciting!  It's been so crazy, I canceled my monthly sewing class I do.

I do hope to have my craft room makeover done soon to show.  I have just a few more things to do to it.  After that I need to find my crafting groove again.  

Basketball is about to end  (though baseball is starting soon and this year BOTH boys are signed up).  We are in the midst of cub scouts & gold banquet last night, pinewood derby in 2 weeks.  Preschool, still heavy in the party department....I'm finally going to do a fav craft from Zakka Life for their Dr Suess party next week.  Starting on the preschool quilt (this was Kalla's class last year...Micah is now in that class...I am apparently the 'sewing mom'  :)

Oh and I've started a diet...I'm unofficially doing weight watchers to finally rid myself of those annoying last 10-15 baby pounds....been not quite 3 weeks and I've lost over 2 lbs and feeling great! Counting those points has been so eye opening!!  So I will share some of my fav snacks and healthy eating stuff we try to do around here (I've always been better about having the kids eat healthy).

Once I get my sewing room put back together I've got quite the list of girl's clothes to do and some little things here and there.  THEN I am making myself some things for ME for a change!  I hope.

Some tutorials to come.  I promise.

I'm sure if spring would just come my crafting metabolism would just crank right up.

blah blah blah.........the piles of clean laundry are waiting to be put away....ugh and sorting socks for 6 different people...oh joy!

For now enjoy this story about a toddler and a cookie...I just love Bill Cosby.  :)


Christy Killoran said...

I love Bill Cosby too.

There seems to be a very contagious case of the blahs going around!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Life with little ones can get very hectic - hope you get back to some crafting again soon:)


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