Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A New Table

This cool little table now resides in my sewing/craft room.  I found it at a Goodwill.  I won't brag on the price as I find Goodwill often WAY over priced.  But when I saw this rare retro beauty (I haven't changed a thing) I had to have it!!  It was not expensive, but still not what I normally would pay for a thrifted side table.  ;)
The girl's love it too.  It's a perfect height for them to sit at.  This summer it will be where Kalla can use the sewing machine I'm getting her for her bday.  For now she crafts here most days when I am hanging out in my room.


Lettie B. said...

don't you hate it when thrift store and garage sales are overpriced?
The table is cute - I'm wondering how it balances though - all I see are two legs?

Deanna said...

The table has 3 thick sturdy metal legs. It's an awkward photo. The third leg is hiding behind the one on the left. :)

djjdjdjdjd said...

So I'm guessing it was somewhere around $35-$ I close:o) I won't shop at Goodwill least not the one here. I go north for my bargain Goodwill shopping. Love the table though! Super cute!

Michelle said...

This post made me laugh.. I find thrift stores way over priced and prefer the "Just get it out of my house" kind of yard sales instead.

Deanna said...

Crystal, no it was only $25. I rarely even go in there anymore, unless for clothes (those are good deals with many Target items with tags still on them). I like the Salvation a giant 9 drawer dresser in great condition for only $55! And that giant thrift store on N Pkwy has over priced furniture, but you can wiggle them down a smidge.

Michelle, I hear you! :) Unfortunately I often don't have the time and patience for yard sales and haven't had any luck when I do!


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