Thursday, April 8, 2010

Little Spring Decor~Super Simple Magnet Butterflies

I am really happy I kept this cool metal board/art up in my dining room.  I don't really go all out in seasonal decorating, but nice to have a simple place to add a touch here or there.  After taking my Valentines down I was trying to think of something springy to put up in it's place.  So I came up with paper butterfly magnets.  I think I need a few more though since the space is rather large (I also think I have finally decided that the large thrifted dresser needs to go stark white like the last one I did.)

To make these little magnet butterflies, I used printed scrap book papers and some old MS butterfly stencils I've had a long time.  I found this stencil on her site that is very similar, just trace and cut on a fold and to make varying sizes, use a copy machine to change the size.  After tracing and cutting my butterflies, I simply creased in half and used hot glue to fasten small round magnets to the back.

Once they are dry, put them on something metal.  These would be cute to spruce up an empty refrigerator.  If you don't have a metal space or board to use them on, you can always use poster putty to stick them on a wall.  :)

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