Monday, June 7, 2010


Yesterday was my 12th wedding anniversary.  We spent the day at a end of year baseball team pool party.  This past season for my oldest was an amazing experience for him.  His team were both coach pitch season champs with a regular season record of 14-1-1 and they won the championship game in the tournament.  My hubby was one of the assistant coaches too.  LOTS of baseball going on around here...for us it hasn't ended yet as Z made the all-star team as well and daddy is head coach of his team.

Anyway, as you can see, I snagged cupcake duty.  ;)

Here's my handsome 8 year old with his big ole trophy to go with the 2 gold medals they all got and even a tshirt was printed and given to the boys as a surprise.  With boys this age, special tees like this are HIGHLY treasured.

It was a great team of boys who all played and practiced hard.  Coaches were super and taught these boys to play some good baseball and never uttered a harsh word.

I really didn't mind hanging out at the pool and eating yummy food (the ribs someone grilled were fabulous and I brought an amazing tray of fresh fruit) for 4 hours yesterday on our anniversary.  After all, last year we were in Costa Rica, and the year before that in San Diego.  ;)

Hubby did spoil me a little bit by getting me a cool little netbook.  I've been wanting my own little computer for some time now like a laptop.  Netbooks are more affordable however and it meets my needs basically...if I can only somehow get my Quicken on there I will be so good to go!  And now I can blog on the go (possibly while at the beach later this week??) and keep up with the world.  And more importantly, as the kids are getting older and their computer use increasing it's nice to have an extra in the house.  It's small and cute too.  Plus I can Pandora and Hulu in my sewing room.  lol  Speaking of, I'm so going to make a cutsie little pouch for it this week!  ;)


djjdjdjdjd said...

Those cupcakes look great! Looks like Matt needs to eat a few more;o)

Deanna said...

lol Crystal


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