Thursday, July 29, 2010

Applique Tee Week: An Apple for Henrietta Hedgehog

When I found this adorable hedgehog when browsing free coloring pages, I knew it had to be a new fall shirt.
I found this picture here.  Traced all the parts I wanted to use on my fusible.

I ironed them all on my fabrics.  One note, for the face piece I re-did it to make the piece round and I  traced and cut  the spiked portion on the dark brown polka dot intead (see picture below to understand what I mean).

When placing and ironing the fabrics I pulled the dark brown on top to layer it over the tan face.

The bottom of the face layers over the top of the tummy.

Here it is all layered just as I want andI carefully ironed them all down.

I changed the face from the original picture.  After machine stitching all the pieces down, I used a water soluble pen to mark how I wanted the face to look.

I used a back stitch and satin hand embroidery stitches to make the face.

Kalla's all excited to wear it on her first day of school! 
 (Won't mention that is in a week from this Monday!!! UGH!)


Patrizzia said...

You have given me such an itch to do these. Now only if I can get to hobby lobby to pick up some of that bonding stuff.. lol!

Unknown said...

that is a super cute shirt!!

Miranda said...

So adorable!! This would be such a cute present and include a hedgehog story book to go with it!

Everyday Life with Parker and Maggie said...

Love all you shirts this week, I can't wait to give it a try.

Deanna said...

Thanks everyone! If anyone makes any of them, please share! :)

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

that tee is seriously sooo cute!!

saffiertje said...

oh my such a cutie!!!


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