Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Applique Tee Week: Scrappy Pear Tee

The idea for this shirt came to me when I was struggling to think of something cute, but not an animal.  Animals are my daughter's fav so those are easy to think of....cute dog, cat, bunny, horse/unicorn, etc etc (though I am still on the search for the perfect guinea pig silhouette).  And I didn't want a summer theme like ice cream, popsicles, etc because these are back to school tees that will wear into the fall.  Then I remembered fruit!  And what better for fall than apples or pears.  Apples are kinda overdone.  So we have the pear.  ;)

To make the pear more interesting I decided to chop it up and make it scrappy in non-pear like colors.  

I used the image of the pear in these coloring pages.  I printed it off and then I believe I had to enlarge it on my copier.  Then I drew lines across it where I wanted it chopped up.  You can reverse this image by tracing on the back, but since this particular picture would look fine either way, I think I just used the front.

I traced all my individual pieces on my wonder-under lite.  I did make the stem shorter than the original picture.

Ironed onto all my fabric pieces.  Then cut out.

Placed carefully on my tee, then ironed down.  Then I stitched a straight stitch along the edge of every piece.

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