Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Super Cool Drawing pad

Last week I was out of town.  I went to SC to be with my sister who is sick and to help her family out for a bit.  While I was there I went to a 5 and dime kinda store that had a bunch of miscellaneous stuff.  I found this super cool drawing pad.  I was instantly in love for it picturing all kinds of cool portraits the kids could make.

When I got home I commissioned my 2 oldest kids to make some portraits of the kids.  Zachary drew himself and Micah.  Kalla drew herself and Maressa.  I hung them in our playroom with poster putty.  Sorry for the horrible picture...it was either no flash or really really washed out.

I am also working on finishing up some final touches of redoing the playroom.  
Can you spy the major change in the above picture? 
Coming up a mantel and spray painting the awful brass fireplace.
Then I show you the whole thing. ;)

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