Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kids Craft: Christmas charm bracelet and peppermint stripe jingle bracelet

Kalla and I made a couple of holiday bracelets for her and Maressa.
This first one we made shrinky dink charms for.  Kalla is going to make 3 more of these for her bffs.

To make this bracelet we started with the charms.  I printed off some holiday images on paper that would fit in a 1 1/2" circle punch.  Then I traced the images with a black sharpie marker onto white shrinky dink paper.  After that, Kalla colored them with colored sharpie markers. 
After I traced them, Kalla colored them with colored sharpie markers.
Then I cut images out using a 1 1/2" circle punch and a small hole punch in the top.
Now we baked them per instructions (they took less than 2 minutes).
Once cooled they need to get a clear acrylic coat on top to prevent moisture from messing up pictures.
After they are dried I put a tiny metal hoop on each one (forgive me those who do jewelry, I don't know all the tools/supply lingo for jewelry making).
Then they were strung on with these lime green beads (from Walmart) and tiny red and pink seed beeds.

I also made this peppermint stripe jingle bell one for Maressa.   I simply put those ring whatchamacallits on tiny bells then strung together red and white beads too.
Here's all the fancy tools we used.  I use those jewelry pliers to attach all the rings on the bells and charms.  The charms used a slightly bigger ring...I have a package of 3 sizes.
A close up of those ring things for those who don't know what I'm talking about and need visul aid as I do when it comes to looking for unfamiliar crafty items.  ;)

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Anonymous said...

I love the jingle bell bracelet, thanks for sharing how you made these.


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