Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yummy Teacher gifts...all bottled up!

Foud this cute gift idea in a magazine and did this for a couple of our preschool teachers.
To make your own, you need a bottled drinks in a cardboard carrier.
I found the Starbucks Frappuccino to work best and the bottles necks aren't to skinny to fit in yummy snacks.
So to begin, I peel off the front and back labels.  Then stick them and the caps in the dishwasher.  There will still be a sticky film on the bottles where the labels were.  Use Goo Be Gone to remove the stickiness and I found the ink printed exp date on the bottle to come off with it as well.  Once the stickiness is gone I washed the bottles again in warm water.  If you want to skip this step you could always use pretty paper to cover this area, but I liked the whole clear bottle to show off treats and peppermints and whatnot.
Now to cover the cardboard carrier.  I first secured the bottom that likes to move around with regular tape.  Then I used the box to make templates of Christmas paper to cover the carrier.  I did rectangular pieces for the front and back and then 2 separate pieces for each side.  Once I had templates for each size and shape, I used those pieces to make more to have enough tocover the whole thing.  To attach all this fun paper to the original carrier I simply used my favorite tool:  double sided tape.  :)

Then I punched holes and used double sided tape to attach to the tops of the caps.  Filled jars with teachers fav snacks and tied a festive silver ribbon.

This would be a fun way to present small office supplies or any other small items.
And here is another set of teacher gifts we did:
I got these cute boxes from Target dollar spot.
And put some goodies inside.
Inside I put a small jar of snack mix.  Then I included a suggestion card to resuse jar when snack was gone.  I added a baggie of rock salt and tea lights to put in the jar when it's empty.  We also included some yummy homemade chocolate dipped marshmallows with peppermint sprinkles.

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Unknown said...

LOVE the frap bottles!! I have several and my Mother-In-Law saves them for me!! Now I know what else to do with them!!


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