Wednesday, July 4, 2012


This guy turned seven last week.  Seven.  Ack.
My not-so-little Micah is a complex kinda fella.
Most know him as the silent type.  Boy of few words.  Soft spoken.
Not behind closed doors.  He’s the funniest kid I know.
Will do most anything for a laugh. 
He loves to dance…especially in his underwear.
He also often holds my heart in his hands.
Cuddliest 54 lbs you’ll ever meet.
And has the biggest soft spot for his Mama.
All I have to do is ask in a soft voice with a smile and I think he’d hang the moon for me.
I’m holding onto this as long as I can.  Before I know it he’ll be a teenager.
Anyhoo, we had a big ole Star Wars type party this past weekend.
Will share that soon!

Tomorrow we are off to the beach.
White sands and blue water...and cooler temps!

I'm going to try to catch ya'll back up while there.  :)


zakkalife said...

Such a cute picture. Can't wait to see what you did for the Star Wars party.

Have fun at the beach.

Deanna said...

Thanks Jessica!


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