Thursday, August 16, 2012

Make it: Easy and Simple Doll Chairs

If any of you own an American Girl doll or the like, you quickly realize the thing cannot sit on it's own.
It needs to lean against something to get it to sit proper.
So we were having a Doll and Camping birthday party and I really needed to have all these dolls sitting around a campfire.
But where was I going to find a dozen chairs for them to sit in?
An idea came to me....I had some left over pieces from a cub scout book end project in the garage.

I realized putting 2 pieces together made a primal type chair that sits on the floor, perfect size for Kalla's dolls.

So to make some chairs like these here's what you need.
Don't be scared...I'm no carpenter.
I've never tried an Ana White project, nor do I have a saw.
I can use a hammer though.
So I went to Home Depot and got some lumber, a 10ft section of 1/2" thick piece that is about 5.5" wide.
I had the guy cut it down for me to 8" pieces.  For a dozen chairs (2 pieces each), this took 2 10ft sections.
So I ended up with 2 pieces of wood .5"x5.5"x8" per chair.

Other than the wood, you need wood glue and some finishing nails (these nails are thin, won't split the wood and sinks down into the wood.
First you need to sand the edges well.  I do happen to have an electric sander which rocked my project way fast.
Then, I used wood glue to adhere the pieces together.
Little glue goes a long way.
Let it dry completely.

Once dry, nail together across bottom with 3 nails.

Then of course I had to have plenty of color.
Spray paint all sides.

They are a little plain.  I thought about letting Kalla stencil or personalize hers.
i think they would be cute with the doll's initials.


Here they are in party action.

And I let the party guests all take one home for their doll.
Kalla plays with her chairs all the time.
Now I should figure out a way to make a simple table.  :)


zakkalife said...

I love how simple this is. So clever.

Anonymous said...

my husband made this ...greatidea
then added 2 triangles of pine cut to 3 inches x 5 inches
affixed them to bottoms with wide part at front
now they look like sitting in a Muskoka Chair
Kathleen in Niagara


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