Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Make it: Foam board/duct tape accordion frame

It was hubby’s bday.
I had current, cute pics of kids, but no frames.
He has moved into a new office and cleaned out all old stuff and wanted new pics.
Enter my idea to make an accordion style frame with materials I had on hand.

Started with 4x6 photos printed off computer.
And a white foam board.

I used a sharp blade and ruler to cut four pieces of 5x7 pieces of foam board.

Added black duct tape to put all the pieces together.
I started by cutting a piece of tape and placing the long side of a piece of foam board not quite to the middle of the tape.

Apparently I missed a picture, but to add the next board, I stacked it on top of the board with the tape and folded the tape along the top of the next foam board. 
This is important to get the pieces to be able to bend.
When you open it, there should be bare tape in the middle like above.

I folded the edges of the ends over the foam board.
Then I placed another piece of duct tape on top.
As you can see I had pieces not matching up very well.

Easily remedied by another piece of tape matching up all the sides to look neat.
That’s the best thing about duct tape.  It’s so flexible in projects.

After connecting all four boards, I taped up the ends with a few pieces.

When done your boards should be able to fold up like this.

And will look like this standing up.
Once I had this done I used double sided tape to attach the pictures.
Then I used a few pieces of washi tape or printed masking tape on the corners of the pictures to jazz it up a little. 

I want to make one of these for the girls room with pretty printed duct tape.  Will share a girlie version soon!

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