Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love containers!

I am the anti-wrapper. lol With most gifts I prefer to make a collection in a cool container. The exception is Christmas (it's just not the same if you don't have ripped wrapping paper every where) and usually kids parties. For kids half the fun is ripping up the paper. So I am constantly looking for fun ways to give gifts. In the above picture (an exception to the exception) I made this pail for a 3 year old. His favorite color is orange and I thought he'd like an orange pail to tote his toys in. I got this empty paint pail at Home Depot. Primed and painted, then lined the inside with felt. Stamped his name and stenciled a gecko on the front. The mother loved it so much she made it a table decoration for the party (which was an orange theme). I added a few orange Hot Wheels and an I Spy bag inside.

I've also used the type of pails you see on my shelves in this post. I've painted them the same way, but they are larger and hold more stuff.

More containers:
They actually now make contemporary mason jars, which are awesome to put drink mixes like this Chai Tea or sugar scrub, or candy, or other fun stuff.
Here I folded neatly a handmade apron, pot holder and embellished kitchen towel in a glass cookie jar.
Baby hoodie towel and other bath/diaper changing goods in a plastic tote with a handle for a mobile station.
These baskets are very inexpensive, come in 3 sizes and easy to paint or decorate or leave au natural. Get them at Hobby Lobby.

For wedding showers I like to get a container off their registry, like colanders, mixing bowls, bathroom garbage cans and fill with coordinating registry items...and like here a few handmade items as well.
Another great inexpensive basket from Hobby Lobby.


Keri said...

Ha! I'm the opposite.... I've got a wrapping reputation! Your anti wrapping is really creative and practical. I'll have to make note of some of those ideas!

YayaOrchid said...

You have such a lovely blog! I found you via Keri's new blog venture. I wanted to introduce myself since like you I joined up.
Hope you visit and chat.

carrie said...

I love this idea! I'm Carrie from Dixie Mango... part of your sew craft blog group! Yea! I'm excited about finding your blog. Looks like you have some fantastic ideas!

Beth said...

I love all the containers! I've been making gift bags for all the birthday's we've been invited to. So much nicer to have something they can use after the party!

Beth (part of the sew craft group too)

Katie said...

These are great basket gift ideas, thanks for sharing such a great variety!

Lisa notes... said...

I followed the link over from your Jack and Jill shower post. I LOVE these ideas of no-wrapping. So practical and so adorable. But since we go to the same church, would I be a noticable "copycatter" if I borrow your ideas??? ha

Well, not to worry, I could NEVER do things as creatively and cute as you do, even if I tried. :-)


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