Friday, May 1, 2009

Teacher's Gifts

We are doing stamped office supplies this year. They won't be as formal as the ones pictured above from Martha Stewart as I'm going to let my kids stamp/decorate them. We are getting supplies from Stamp On This!
We are going to stamp the sides of 2 of these cubes however they want and I will write 'Thanks for being my teacher!" on the top. And they will decorate a note pad cover and include a note pad and nice pen. We also are going to make almond flavored chocolates in apple candy molds (gotta include something yummy too!).

I will post pics when we are done, but thought I'd go ahead and mention this idea so if someone wants to do something similar you will have time to order yours (we give our gifts the last day instead of TA week so I just ordered mine and should be here any day now).

Here are some other gifts we've done for teachers in the past:

Oh and the Stamp on This site also carries the marbles and magnets for the marble magnet craft.

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Bizzy B Creations said...

LOVE the stamped cubes!! I was trying to email you with a question but it came back as undeliverable. Can you please email email is on my blog! Thanks


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