Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yesterday was a hoodie-wearing, soup-sipping, Glade apple cinnamon candle-smelling, Harry Connick Jr-listening kinda day.  I think fall is finally starting to show up.

I made some yummy apple spice muffins last night.  First ones of the season.  Zachary, my muffin lovin' boy,  choose to have one as his dessert and patiently waited for them to finish baking.  So he was eating a one fresh out of the oven and he looked over to me and said, "Mom, these only taste good if there's a piece of apple in the bite."  hmmmmm...hubby tasted the muffin and said, "yep, these aren't sweet."  At that moment I remembered not remembering to add the sugar.  For a moment I was bummed that a beautiful batch of muffins ruined.  But alas, I rescued my baked apple non sweet muffins.  I broke them all into large crumbs and placed in a baking dish. Took 3 tbsp of butter and melted it and then added 1/3 C brown sugar and mixed.  Then I drizzled it all over the muffin crumbs.  Perfect.  Warm apples, slightly sweet bread.  Delicious once again!  :)

Today I finally found some pumpkin puree and grabbed the last 3 cans at my Kroger.  Finally some pumpkin bread coming up! 

I made the first chili of the season the other night.  I'm thinking this weekend I'll have to make my most favorite brunswick stew.

Trying to get some fall decorating up.  I have a whole bin of stuff that just aren't doing it for me this time around.  May have to break out the spray paint.  lol

What are your favorite fall things/recipes/rituals?


Lee Ann said...

Ooh sounds like my kind of day!! We like to go for long walks in the falling leaves and find autumn treasures. I trawled around supermarkets and farm shops on Sunday to find a pumpkin so I can once again bake pumpkin bread . Thanks to you for that tradition! I posted about it last week and made sure to link back to here. My first ever favourite blog! xxx

djjdjdjdjd said...

We had tortilla soup last night, and we are having Brunswick stew tonight. I am so glad for this fall weather to be here!!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

you are too good! i would have never thought of that. it sounds delicious.

cboudah said...

I left the sugar out of my first ever homemade pumpkin pies last year at Thanksgiving. No one wanted to tell me they tasted bad with me being pregnant (again) and crazy and all! And today is clean out your fridge day at the Boudah house so I'm making chili. I love fall!


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