Friday, October 1, 2010

D is for dalmatian cookies

Micah is now in kindergarten, same one as both his big brother and sister.  Every week they ask a parent to bring in a snack that starts with that week's letter.  We signed up for 'D'.  Today was our turn to bring in snack.

The letter 'D' definitely called for dog cookies.  We debated over making these or using my dog cookie cutter.  I let Micah make the call and he picked the cookie cutter.  So I used Martha Stewart's gingerbread recipe to make the cookies.  I always make my vanilla rolled cookies (recipe in this post) and with the lovely fall weather we're having I decided to go gingerbread instead...I'm really not trying to hurry Christmas along, but I always look forward to it!  ;)  After making the cookies I decided it would be fitting to make Dalmatian dogs.  With little red collars.

I had to make 30 (both the kindergarten classes combine for letter snack eating).  And at about 10:30 pm last night I while I was frosting these pups, I was really wondering why I didn't just go buy doughnuts.  I mentioned this to hubby and he said he wasn't going to say anything--he's learning real well to just accept me as I am.  ;)  And after all this is year 3 having the same teachers and they really expect no less when it is my week for letter snack.

And because I really have this anal thing about food, I like to send a little non sweet something too.  The cute little frozen chicken dinosaurs were perfectly easy.  Done and done.

If you need letter snack type inspiration here are other letter snacks we've done over the years:

X is for xray cookies (we've done this one twice now...upon request)

One more thing....we are on fall break all next week...yep a whole week.  We will be spending the first 3 days at a resort on the lake in a cabin.  So I'll probably be around after that!  Looking forward to horseback riding, fishing, hikes and lots of playing.:)


Kim of Mo Betta said...

they are too cute. I bet the other moms hate you! (just kidding) I'd be the mom to start trying to make the dalmation cookies, that would end up looking nothing like a "D" word and my husband would end up going to the store and buying the doughnuts!

Deanna said...

lol The moms will never know as they are never there to see (I have no idea often what is brought in for the other snack weeks). :)

Unknown said...

i love them! I want to be in that class!

zakkalife said...

The moms may not know you for the cookies but I bet the kids do. Once in the second grade one of the moms brought in shamrock shaped jello jigglers and I never forgot.

The dalmatian cookies are adorable.

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

These are way cute! I'm a room mom and I'm thinking the kids would love these. Thanks for the inspiration.


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