Friday, February 6, 2009

Copycat Goodies...caution:this post may cause waist line expansion

I really need to stop perusing blogs with scrumptious goodies posted on them! Because I then need to make said scrumptious goodies, and further more eat them! So I am sharing the agony. ;)

I HAD to make these chocolate pretzel 'button's seen here via Crafty crow.
Mine are slightly different in that I couldn't find the round pretzels so I improvised with these round pretzel/peanut butter sandwiches. And boy oh boy! The peanut butter, pretzel and chocolate! Mmmmm! These are very addicting.

I tried these candy cane hearts seen here with leftover candy canes. I didn't have much luck making these look very neat. So I gave up.

These however were SO good! I saw them made here and went to try them myself. I never got around to making the icing/ganache but they are quite decadent just plain.
I made some of my own creations as well. Will share some strawberry white chocolate dipped marshmallow pops and strawberry candy popcorn next week. Will also do that rice heating pad tutorial, twirl skirt tutorial and Two at the Zoo party next week! That is if we aren't in at the NIH...still waiting for that fever!
Happy Weekend all! We will be enjoying 60+ degree whether here! Unfortunately we have basketball game, birthday party to take kid to and cubscout banquet to attend to instead of enjoying the sunshine....gonna try to squeeze in some if we can...even if it's eating at Chick fil a on their patio/play area for lunch in between all the rest!


Kari Sweeten said...

Deanna, I am so trying this! I'd also like to post this on UCreate if you don't mind.

Thayer said...

instead of Hershey kisses, try using Rolos, the chocolate and caramel is yummy with the pretzel and m&ms...

Peggy said...

Oh, those are so cute! I may just have to try them and send to school with my daughter next week!

~T~ said...

So cute....thanks for making me hungry :) hehe

YayaOrchid said...

Deanna, oh man, those look so good! Thanks for the link. I've got to try making some!


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