Sunday, February 8, 2009

Target frames are up

Well here is what I ended up doing with those Target frames...for now. Not sure if I like it or not. But for now these hang in the playroom. All I did was put in a pic of one child when they were much younger, then one of some art they've done and a current pic. I hung the top pic on a nail, the art pic I attached the ribbon to the bottom metal flap that holds the picture in and the same for the bottom picture. I did it for each kid and hung them side by side in a random pattern.

Note that M's (the 'baby') pictures look almost identical, though over a year apart! And she STILL looks the same. We are hoping for hair this year! :) Oh and her 'art work' is from the famous purple marker incident.

I did go back and get some white ones. I'm going to have K draw art for their new room and hang them not by the ribbons, but use poster putty to hang them.

Another idea for these frames is remove the ribbon and attach adhesive magnet to the back and hang on your fridge.

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